WRH Telecommunications: Telecom Tower Power System

Telecom Tower Power System

Various Locations - Africa

WRH Power Systems, LLC, an affiliate company of WRH Telecommunications, LLC, have offices in Cape Town, South Africa to serve the South African and Sub-Saharan regions. WRH Power Systems works alongside its affiliate company, WRH Telecommunications on the engineering, design, fabrication, controls and monitoring of weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication towers and power systems. WRH Power Systems’ focus is primarily on the hybrid power system design and fabrication, which consists of solar photovoltaics, lithium-ion battery storage, small-scale diesel generators coupled with WRH Power Systems’ Energy AI System™ and Energy AI Dashboard™.

The current cost of thermal power generation at African telecommunication sites ranges anywhere from $0.45 to over 2.00 USD per kWh. In 2014, there were over 200,000 off-grid and bad-grid telecommunication towers added in Sub-Saharan Africa. WRH Telecommunications is servicing both greenfield and brownfield sites with OPEX (Selling kWh’s) and leasing model (Fixed monthly payments) solutions for the mainstream carriers, including Vodacom, MTN and CELL C among others.