SUVSWD & WRH Biogas: Landfill Gas to Fuel

Landfill Gas to Fuel - Pipeline Gas Injection (WRH Power Systems - Monitoring and Controls)

Elberta, Utah, USA

WRH Biogas, LLC in conjunction with W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc. and WRH Power Systems, LLC are currently in design and construction of the Bayview Landfill Gas to Fuel project at this site. Like most landfills, Bayview gas consists of approximately 50% methane, 45% carbon dioxide, 2-3% nitrogen, 0.5% oxygen, and 1.5%-2.5% others (usually non-methane organic carbon constituents). Bayview is an attractive site for cleaning the valuable High BTU gas to natural gas fuel specifications for injection into the pipeline. This offers greater value than landfill gas to electricity due to the low spark spread in this geographic region coupled with the environmental benefits.

WRH Biogas, LLC and WRH Power Systems, LLC work together during project planning, design, engineering and construction often exploiting the optionality at the Landfill and Digester sites. Frequently land is available for blending other renewables such as solar, wind, battery and storage with conventional thermal generation for continuous, dispatchable renewable-based power generation at or near our RNG sites.