Building, Owning and Operating Distributed and Reliable Conventional and Renewable-Based Power Systems

WRH Power Systems™, part of the WRH Group™, is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of conventional and renewable energy technologies, including automated asset control systems, project simulation and design and project enhancement for existing assets.

As energy generation transitions from large centralized to smaller local distributed generation systems, WRH Power Systems™ is addressing the growing global demand for decentralized, reliable, high-efficiency, low-carbon power using islanded and microgrid power systems to increase reliability and lower operating costs.

The companies’ focus is on developing, building, owning and operating distributed, reliable, efficient conventional and renewable-based power systems in the Western United States, although it they have power systems under management in the Caribbean Basin that have served and continue to serve as research and development sites.

WRH Power Systems™ Background

Since 1978, W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc. has focused mainly on the construction of federal, state and local public works projects, but also has completed numerous projects for the private sector.  The Company has constructed challenging and often complex projects located in remote areas with demanding schedules.  The company has also constructed projects in environmentally sensitive areas and areas where labor and materials are difficult to obtain. The company has performed a fixed bid, negotiated, construction management,  and design-build lease contracts. Over the past 40 years, the Company has constructed hundreds of projects valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, including engineering projects, commercial and industrial buildings, landfill projects, water and wastewater projects, conventional and renewable power generation facilities, housing complexes, residential developments, visitor center complexes, military facilities, missile test cells and battery backup power systems.

In 2015, W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ became part of WRH Group™, and added offices located in Salt Lake City, Utah to provide design, construction, financing, leasing and operation and maintenance options to a broader customer base for conventional and renewable power generation projects, including solar photovoltaics, landfill gas, biomass and other integrated renewable-based power projects.  W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™, WRH Power Systems™, WRH Biogas™,  with other management based entities comprise WRH Group™, to leverage decades of complex construction experience into the conventional and renewable power generation and renewable gas sectors.

WRH Power Systems, LLC™ and W.R. Henderson Construction, Inc.™ are partners or members of the following associations and clean energy programs: